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Feedback Friday – Hot Topic:  KW Mortgage



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"Feedback Friday – Hot Topic: KW Mortgage"

  1. Craig A Lucker says:

    As to the story on Keller Williams Mortgage, Economy of Scale simply means Bureaucracy and less Service, but it does bring up an interesting point. With more and more Realtors and Loan Officers in the business, if you are doing what everyone else is doing, be prepared to cut your Commissions or Fees if you want the business. After 30 Years in the Business, I have learned that, if you find a specialty Niche within your Marketplace, you can charge your Clients what you are truly worth, but that often means doing something that no one else wants to do (You may actually even have to work). In the meantime, send those other Agents and Loan Officers back to working at WalMart. And, by the way, do not Double the Licensing Fees and Boar Dues, Triple them! I have been advocating this for Years. Also, I would like the Frank Garay Doll Please-thanks!

  2. Richard Thornhill says:

    The industry has a way of weeding out the non-productive. Achievers will prevail.
    But, what about the “prize” of a Tonya Harding single autographed skate? What can you do with one skate? Balance requires two skates being used. There is a balance between sales and service.
    Just curious, Brian, did she cheat you also by only giving you one skate?

  3. Ron Graf says:

    I spoke w/the recruiting firm for KW Mortgage this morn. Comp is 25 basis points + $400.00. The average comp is $1k per loan. You must maintain a pipe of 25-30 loans. These are phone ‘jockey’ positions, whoa.

  4. Mike Jones says:

    The Tonya “I’ll physically beat you” Harding ice skate belongs back up here in Portland. I’m sure we can find an agent to dress like her and showcase the skate at their open houses and closings. Definite traffic draw. It is Portland. Remember when she tried her hat at boxing. We’re so proud in Portland. I’m sure my son would vote for the alligator head though.

  5. Steve McRory says:

    Same as all LOs, for years I’ve had to battle realtors (who I don’t know), who just so happen to be working with my borrowers before they contact me or after I get my borrowers pre-approved, who try to coerce & steer my borrowers to their “preferred” lenders. However, they get a big surprise when they try to pull this stunt as the very first moment I suspect this, I immediately roll out the Trident II nuclear missiles, dial in the coordinates, and launch REALTOR REBATES warheads at them. Once they receive the info I have waiting to counter these “types” of realtors’ actions, all their efforts to coerce & steer my borrowers ENDS INSTANTLY! Google: Realtor Rebates to find many thousands of realtors who are very willing to share the commission which most feel is absurd on a sales price over 200k.

    So the next time I get a KW realtor on the other end, well…they are in for quite the experience!

  6. Liz Pierson says:

    So who won the Tonya skate or ? 🙂

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