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With climate change upon us, Zillow has figured out what homes will be literally, physically, underwater by the end of the century.  This is actually very interesting to check out.

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"Fascinating Zillow Data Shows Homes Sinking into Oceans"

  1. Climate change bullshit. It's not going to happen. One more reason to can Zillow.

  2. Zillow is not going anywhere. Melting glacierrs and sea ice disappearing must not really be happening. Has to be made up by fake scientists?

  3. Randy Dicken says:

    Zillow is full of PC Excrement. Global warming is a political football not science at all. The only thing I collect from ZILLOW is the documentation of how wrong their zestimates are.

  4. Deborah Fox says:

    Boo hoo. Since Biggert Waters DECIMATED every small town in Pennsylvania that sits along a stream and took millions of dollars in home equity out of homeowners' pockets I don't care at all about shoreline homeowners except in the way it further affects flood insurance premiums – which I gather Pennsylvanians are subsidising…

  5. Ivy Clay says:

    Thanks for the idiCORE & LoanTek info!

    To those with comments calling BS on climate shifts, we have satellite data that reports this stuff over the last 100 years, you’d be excellent representatives for clients purchasing ocean front property, especially in regions exposed to hurricanes, because you’ve both got your heads in sand…

  6. Kurt Nielsen says:

    For those of you that don't think the earth is warming must have played hookie during science class in elementary school. I am a geologist and can confirm the earth has been warming since the last Ice Age. The last four ice ages have occurred in roughly hundred thousand year cycles. Even without mankind poluting the earth, it will warm for another 40,000 years at which time the cycle will switch back to a cooling cycle. The question as to whether man is accelerating the warming or not is a mindless argument. The question is whether we should continue to pollute the environment. I would think that most people would vote to reduce or eliminate pollution. The global warming argument is just a distraction. It should also be noted over the 4 1/2 billion year history of our planet, it has rarely had any ice on it at all. An ice free earth is more typical. Just giving you the facts.

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