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It looks as though Fannie Mae will need another infusion of money from the Treasury by 2018.  This of course wouldn’t be the case if they were allowed to keep some of the billions they’re making.



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"Fannie Mae will be Broke by 2018"

  1. Formaldehyde, asbestos, arc-fault, lead-based, ground-fault, carbon monoxide, wood shingles, cellulose insulation, butyl rubber plumbing, poly-styrene, flexible gas lines….. if it weren't for the radon…. we'd all live in caves….

  2. Do you guys have any recommendations for a nationwide Heloc lender? There seems to be very limited numbers of players in this lending arena for brokers to work with.

  3. Les Sherman says:

    Who is competent and capable of telling the difference between a 2015 and prior year, Chinese, Lumber Liquidators laminate, and a current, "safe" laminate, and how can you tell the difference, if you don't know the year of manufacture and/or year of install?

  4. Dennis says:

    Like Frank Ruziska, I have had no luck finding a standalone HELOC source for a mortgage broker; I know Kinecta CU in CA has a piggy for purchases and R & T refi and TCF I think is the same, but they only seems to approve the larger broker/direct lender; no standalone HELOC like we had years back with Citi

  5. John Rose says:

    If FNMA and/or FHLMC can be eliminated, then big banks with the ability to issue their own MBS's, will create a monooly and eliminate mortgage bankers that deliver to FNMA, etc..

  6. Sean D says:

    I tried to explain to my girlfriend the situation with Fannie Mae, and the outright theft of all of their profits by the government. Explaining that they had already paid back the entire amount, yet the government unilaterally changed the agreement and now steals all of the profits. She was shocked, in disbelief, refused to believe me… my response, “welcome to the real world.”

  7. The CFPB got rid of them so that the Treasury could become the new pay day lender! 😉

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