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Fannie Mae Taking Bailout?  Really?



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"Fannie Mae Taking Bailout? Really?"

  1. bernie says:

    every time I go to the polls to vote I believe and pray for change that will truly help all Americans whether it is less taxes, more jobs or making the govt. smaller. Yet here we are 1 year into President Trump and I know we have a new leader in the CFPB, but we need someone to take the hand cuffs off of Fannie and Freddie. They need to be told, you mess up and guess what, your on your own. No more bailouts.

  2. Dave says:

    Biggest theft or highjacking in history of the world and no one seems to care! If this can happen under our noses then there is nothing else that can’t be stolen. More scary than anyone knows! #FannieGate #EndTheSweep

  3. ken says:

    Same old SNAFU in the District of Corruption. Paper loss and a lot of neg press hype. What happened to all the Fed profit sweeps from GSE’s after they paid back the bail out?? We arrest someone stealing a Twinkie from 7-11 but let the bastards in DC steal from a publicly traded corp with no recourse? Yes, I own stock in FNMA and am really pissed!!!

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