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Fannie Freddie Drop Bomb on Servicers

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"Fannie Freddie Drop Bomb on Servicers"

  1. Ron Beebe says:

    Thanks guys. Highly relevant content as always. God help us all.

  2. Rod Rohde says:

    1) Wouldn’t it be better for consumers if the servicers turned the forbearance into a 2nd lien with payments. 2) What would stop the servicers from ALL declaring that they are going to make all borrower repay full forbearance in the month following conclusion……unless there is a facility to help?

  3. David Brokman says:

    What!!! No Gap Band!!
    “Baby, you dropped a bomb on me”
    I’m with Jay, boy am I glad I do not own a mortgage bank anymore.
    What a circus.

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