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Fannie Mae is looking to ease up on Condo’s a little bit.  Hey, what the heck, that’s good news right?  Any time we can get a little help in this business we’ll take it!



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"FHA Eases Up on Condo’s"

  1. Watching every day. Thanks guys!

  2. Rob Aubrey says:

    If lenders had half the lobby power of NAR, Dodd Frank might not be so bad

  3. So, when do the new standards for condos take effect?

  4. Harold says:

    FNMA eases up on condos…or FHA?

  5. James the Appraiser says:

    Condo, did you say Condo

    That is funny. As an Appraiser I stopped doing Condo Reports more than two years back.
    They are a PAIN and you can never get the data you need to do them RIGHT.
    The AMC jumps on the Appraiser
    The Lender jumps on the Appraiser
    Agents jump on the Appraiser
    Owner, Buyers and Sellers all jump on the Appraiser
    it is a true Dawg Pile

  6. Big fan from Canada! Nice haircut Brian 🙂

  7. Great show. Watch every day. Great info. Small favor: take the apostrophe out of "Condo's". Plural, not possessive.

  8. Les Berman says:

    blah blah blah… where is the condo info??

  9. Eric Goosen says:

    Detroit, Michigan are wonderful thank you very much

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