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You might not be aware of this, but Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might need another bailout.  Come January of 2018 they will technically be out of money, even though they’re making money hand over fist right now.  That’s cause it’s all going to the Treasury.



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"Fannie and Freddie Need Another Bailout?"

  1. Turnip says:

    Greenspan was installed by Regan, to begin the dismantling of the legacy of Depression era rules, that stood in the way of complete Central Bank control over the economy.

    After Nixon put the final nail to the dollar, Greenspan was to control the wild inflation swing inherent when transitioning to a faith based debt money system. I say this only to put into context, the old traitor’s current words of doom and gloom. He thinks he’s still playing ‘the game’.

    Rates cannot climb quickly, as there simply isn’t enough money left in the hands of the people to pay it. If this criminal wasn’t a cardboard cutout, and was actually living in the world of his own making, he would know that. If rates go up even marginally, today’s buyers will wait till they fall. Fool me once, can’t be fooled again. 🙂

  2. Rex says:

    Wake up! Yes they are robbing Peter Taxpayer to pay Paul’s debt(interest on treasuries)- The government is broke – Obama and congress spend trillions of dollars they don’t have income to support. ATR rules should apply to the government. Joe tax payer might be able to lie about his income to get a couple new credit cards to help make payments on his other cards and debts, but eventually they will say, “whoa!” man “you are way over extended, no more new credit!”, and for a home loan Joe tax payer must verify that he has enough income to cover debt service- he can’t just print more money and sell more treasury bonds.

  3. Rich says:

    What do you guys know about this impending liquidity crisis in the 2ndary market that CNBC just came out with?

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