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In an effort to overcome shrinking mortgage volume, Fannie and Freddie make it a little easier for some to get loans.



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"Fannie and Freddie Make it a Little Easier for Some to Get Loans"

  1. John Klingelsmith says:

    I pulled a CR and the student loan payment was $8.00 a month and the balance was $24,000.00. It’s hard to believe that that payment is correct.

  2. Rochelle Gano says:

    I would like to see the cash-out student loan refinance have higher LTV’s. I think that would help more than taking away the LLPA’s.

  3. Scott says:

    what you said is they are accepting what ever the payment is listed on the credit, does that mean we can count $0 when the payment is deferred? If so that is HUGE!!!!!

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