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Fannie Mae and Feddie Mac have come out and said they will lighten up a little bit on lenders with respect to “minor defects”.



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"Fannie and Freddie Lighten Up on Lenders"

  1. Congress already has so much to do, why have them waste time passing the Safe Harbor. The Gestapo (CFPB) doesn't answer to anyone so even if God came down from heaven, the CFPB is still going to fine companies. How come when Italians do this on the Soprano's, they go to jail for this?

  2. Tony Moore says:

    It would be great if you could get the vidoes back tdown to less than 5 minutes. They seem to drag on and on.

  3. I think Brian should take a shower too…LOL

  4. David says:

    You guys are amazing. So blessed to have you guys inform the industry with information that anyone can understand.

    Thank Brian AND Gary

  5. this may be a stupid question….but what are considered "minor defects" ?

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