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additional comments on
"Fannie and Freddie Coming Out of Conservatorship"

  1. Anna says:

    I currently have a past tenant harassing me because their account that is in collections. Unfortunately, I inherited this criminal in my personal rental and was stuck with them. I can tell you – I am not going to rent to another criminal – simply stated it can put you and your staff in grave danger. I just got a invite to a class regarding “disparate impact” when denying rentals to criminals. This new thing where our politicians are all pro criminal has to stop! I HOPE people will be voting in 2020 accordingly. #votesmallgovernment

  2. Ray Waisler says:

    It’s precisely stories like these that prompted me to create and offer for free a 3 hour CE Realtor safety Class. The class is taught by a retired NY police officer and focuses on awareness and some basic defense moves. I am happy to provide this to any Realtor group, again, for free! I can be reached at rwaisler@financeofamerica.com or 678.266.3301.

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