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Facebook has a new feature called “Canvases” that allow you to easily make a mobile landing page natively inside Facebook that you can boost and target market to consumers in your area. Making the canvases is incredibly easy and FREE! Learn how to make your own canvas by watching todays show and increase your business.



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"Facebook Mobile Landing Pages are HOT!"

  1. Ernie Behrle says:

    Love this idea but you guys appear to have missed a key first step for first time users. You have to apply to have Canvas on your page first. It was easy to do by starting again with hitting the photo/video icon. If first time ,like me, you won't get the screen shown on the video but there is a box that if you click on the info button, will take you to a link to get this app. There is also an instructional video you receive once you apply. I haven't seen the actual app yet but looking forward to trying it when I have a few extra minutes to add a new listing I just got.

  2. Found your background noisy-music irritating. Wish you could do videos without the noise.

  3. Love this! I would have never found this great tool without you! Super easy and perfect for staying ahead of the pack! Thanks for always keeping us informed with great ideas!

  4. Dan Dahlen says:

    Great info! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Timothy Wesely says:

    I seem to have a hard time finding The National Real Estate Post Facebook page. help please

    1. admin says:

      You have to look up “Frank Garay and Brian Stevens”.

  6. I didnt know this I didnt have to apply

  7. Kristi I am glad you find it useful! Its a great tool for everyone to use. It dont matter if you are selling a home or jsut have a great idea for a blog. Its a great way to get your message out in a way that is apealing!

  8. Robert Kroon says:

    Robert Kroon Agent Phoenix Arizona. Great idea ! Thanks for sharing. Ernie Behrle, thanks for the note on getting the app. Also I need more info on how to create the audience for something like this. Does that happen when you click Boost ?

  9. Awesome, did not know this was available

  10. Robert Kroon says:

    Need more info on how to create the audience for something like this. Does that happen when you click Boost ?

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