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We all know the scrutiny the FAA is showing toward real estate agents using drones to film listings.  Well, wait till you see what they did approve.



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"FAA Allows Crazy Drone Approval"

  1. Joe Johnson says:

    NAR and the concept of "ethical standards" are mutually exclusive terms. I wouldn't trust NAR to telling me it's raining outside. I will check the windows myself. I regret every dime I was forced to pay to access MLS data.

  2. Robin Short says:

    NAR seems to be avoiding this, they should be right up front Lobbying for Realtors rights.

  3. Divedude says:

    Drones beware in some of the areas where I appraise. Especially now during hunting season.

  4. Just had a home inspection last week where the inspector operated a drone to do an aerial view of the property. Interesting.

  5. What do I think? NAR has lost their minds!! Common sense, it's so lacking in this decision it's almost funny…..and I said ALMOST.

  6. NAR has sold us out so many times, it is sickening! It is always about the money! And the internal political structure of NAR has so much starch in their shorts, they crack when they move too fast….I just continue to SMH………..

  7. Bernie says:

    I live in San Diego and a few hours ago I was driving down the 805 and just before I hit La Jolla this huge military black drone came over the hillside. I am sure it is coming from Miramar base. That thing was huge and nothing like the drones your showing here. It looked formidable and deadly…..If I was ISIS and saw that thing I would be running for my life….

  8. Bob Crider says:

    I noticed in your story that you represented a person filming a house out in the middle of nowhere. Most neighborhoods where I live have just a few more houses in them which is important when you consider how noisy drones are. I've called the police a few times to make noise complaints myself. I envision a future with anti-drone drones. Cross my property line and it's good-bye!

  9. All I want for Christmas…is to see Brian in that video! Please POST when it happens!! And THANKS always for a great show.

  10. Kathy Howe says:

    What is a Section 3-33 waiver?

  11. I find it funny you guys make it sound like it is impossible to use a drone for real estate. FACT: everyone using a drone commercially has to go through the same process.

  12. Mark Fluitt says:

    You must live in a quiet neighborhood.

  13. Barbara says:

    Clever. Thanks for the laughs.

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