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EXECUTION IS EVERYTHING! Your business is nothing on line if you dont have engagement. Long gone are the days where 10K+ likes on your facebook page matters. What matters is engagement if you dont have people talking about your business but only sharing your business then you have a problem. The demand for organic content is at a all time high and if you are not reaching your customers in real time on social media then you are losing! There is a lot to go over (which we will in the next coming episodes) but one key factor we have to realize is age demographics. As millennials get older so do the platforms they stay on. This is vital to understand because in order to keep your business fresh you have to nurture your contacts when they are at a younger age to stay relevant down the road. I personally believe this is why the Industry in its whole has a hard time with staying current in their marketing. They are always marketing towards the age demographic that can buy a house instead of investing into the ones who are not ready. But this trend I believe will soon fade away as we are starting to realize the impact the younger kids are having on their parents by introducing them into newer technology and platforms, just like I did today by starting the journey of converting you to snapchat. Have a great day and until next SNAP AWAY!

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  • Guys, you’re losing me. Your new email format is confusing and you’re using lesser qualified people to do the post. I prefer the old format where Frank and Brian were on the air talking about real estate issues and legislation that can affect the industry. I’m not so interested in listening to a guy promoting Snapchat.

    Tom Taylor January 29, 2016 5:09 am Reply
  • I have been watching this show every day without exception since the days of TBWS when Brian was a new comer. I have seen many transformations to the show, some good some bad, but I have always stuck it out because I it was industry news and commentaries with a bit of humor. Now it’s nothing more than promotion after promotion with very little news from people I did not contract to hear from. This show has become a travesty and unless you go back to your roots of news and commentary, you will lose me and, I’m guessing, many other loyal followers.

    ATLmortgage guy January 29, 2016 3:23 pm Reply
    • ATLMortgage Guy. Nothing has changed at all with the exception that we have allowed other contributors to add content to the site. These contributor posts do not get emailed to you, you have to either go to the home page of the site to see there or to the fan page on Facebook. Are you not getting the emails anymore?

      admin February 1, 2016 6:03 am Reply

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