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Exclusionary Zoning or Discrimination Zoning?



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"Exclusionary Zoning or Discrimination Zoning?"

  1. Realistically UWM is the BEST true wholesale lending the industry!

  2. Ryan Hoffman says:

    This feels very social justic warrior. Throwing out blanket racism claims like this as pure racism without even giving opposing views or reasons for these rules just puts you guys in the same camp as main stream media who put up content only aimed to scare and anger people.

    People who love thier neighborhoods, want to keep them clean and not super crowded so thier kids and possibly thier kids kids can still ride bikes in the street without so much traffic isn’t racism. I don’t care what color my neighbor is, but if they park junker cars on thier lawn it doesn’t beautify the neighborhood.

    Locking your front door doesn’t mean you hate those outside. It means you love those inside and want to protect who and what you love and value.

    I’m hoping your views are not truly this polarizing and you were just trying to get some engagement by pissing people off (mission accomplished).

  3. Michael says:

    Yeah, Brian, how about a Drug Rehab Center or a Halfway House for “reformed” sex and drug offenders next door to you? That way, when your wife and kids are home alone, the underprivileged “neighbors” who you so admittedly support, can come over and visit while you’re off to work. Hmmm?

  4. Dan Scott says:

    This is so right on! People can say that they are “color blind” and cannot discuss certain issues, and then they discriminate. They say they are color blind to make people think it is true. Totally phony.

  5. Bill Fleming says:

    wow guys, As stated by others I would hope you were shooting for some sparks to get commentary going, and it worked. How about you discuss it this way; “Exclusionary Zoning” doesn’t keep people out, but “Exclusionary Actions” do. I have a nice neighbor. He makes $200,000 a year. He has a very nice house. He has a ‘Camino in his front yard. The difference is, we live on 5+- acre homesites and he has 15 more ‘Camino’s in his back yard. Another neighbor has 5 horses. Another has 10 Alpaca’s. What we all have in common is a “Country Lifestyle”. What we all don’t want is a 100 unit apt building next to our neighborhood. That isn’t going to happen thankfully, do to what is called “Master-Planning”. A 100 unit complex is not of a contiguous use and character to an acreage development. What your referring to as “Exclusionary Zoning” we refer to as wise zoning application. So, change your mindset to “Exclusionary Actions” instead of “Zoning” and I think you’ll be onto something…

  6. Reginald Givens says:

    Interesting topic. Those who are angered or offended by the notion just might be the source of the problem. Being able to discuss an issue without being enraged by it is a sign of openness to the conversation. If at the end of the discussion views have not changed that should not be a problem. The objective of the discussion is to exchange information. Let’s leave it to others to exchange their views.

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