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Ex Zillow CEO Spills the Beans




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"Ex Zillow CEO Spills the Beans"

  1. Mike Mullan says:

    No, Zillow is not becoming a real estate company. In Arizona they are a Real Estate company!
    Ethics and Fiduciary to client? Lets try “Disclosure!”
    Legal Name:
    Business Name:
    License Number:
    License Status:
    License Type:
    Real Estate Corporation
    Original License Date:
    Expiration Date:
    Business Address:
    SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85251

  2. Kevin Vargas says:

    This sounds like it has class action written all over it!!!

  3. Paul Johns says:

    I wish I could share that video but that taseless Cash t-shirt discredits your whole message. I’m in San Francisco and I realize that being vulgar and not caring about anybody else is the new norm of our Country – just like Zillow.

    1. John says:

      Agreed completely, Paul Johns.

  4. Barbara A Brown says:

    NAR and the Board sold us out
    We all need to stand against this
    You are paying for leads and then paying NAR and the Board
    Not fair

  5. Unfortunately, it is the robber barons at the MLS’ that made this possible. MLS’ are monopolies and really make the rules of the game without any regard to their constituents who fund and provide the listings to them. Zillow has changed the game but I’m not sure they have a long term winning strategy. Only so many sellers and buyers will put up with crappy service (at least in my market) and exorbitant fees before the masses see the light. Also, Zillow has yet to make ANY money. Wall Street will reward the top line and let’s admit that Wall Street is not a bastion of ethical players looking out for the little guy either. Full disclosure is that I have been a Zillow Premiere Agent because the ROI was there for me. Now that they’ve decided to exit this business model, I will be interested to see how dominant they really can be with those of us who work in the trenches. Time will tell and money will be made but I’m not sure it will be sustainable.

  6. I discovered the hard way that by not reading the small print as a Premier member and using the same log-in and gmail account that Zillow actually scraped my email, and a bot called me immediately I was notified that I had just entered a new lead into my CRM. Problem for them was that the lead was 84 years old, never owned a computer, had never heard of Zillow and the cat was out of the bag. My question is had I not pressed #1 and declined my own lead, would they have sold it to another?! Hmmmmmmm……

  7. Rick says:

    I remember people saying Amazon wasn’t making any money for a long time and look how that worked out.

    My assumption is that they are making TONS of money but they just keep reinvesting it into their business so they can expand.

    Then one day out of the blue they’ll be making billions and many agents will be working for them for an hourly rate.

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