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We’re seeing a lot of ex-CFPB employees migrate to high positions at the big banks.  Should there be any concern over this?



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"Ex-CFPB Employees Migrate to Big Banks"

  1. Vernon Morrison says:

    Your story just makes me sick. Those *&(^%%&*)&* CFPB people need to be all fired and then close the CFPB.

  2. Mark Gelbman says:

    Don't know why you guys are at all surprised. The government has come up with the perfect institution to collect billions of dollars, all in the name of the consumer. So what, if the CFPB employees make more money. The agency is funneling billiions of dollars into the the government coffers. As long as the money keeps flowing, nobody in Washington will care enough to change it. Remember, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! As far as CFPB employees going to work elsewhere, well that's fine with me. Move on and move up.

  3. Maureen Biagini says:

    HUH, a number of ex CFPBers also left the CFPB to start a bank. How do you spell corruption.

  4. Sean D says:

    Business as usual Frank, absolutely. Just like the revolving door between Goldman Sachs CEO’s and the US Treasury Secretary. Monsanto’s revolving door for CEO’s to the FDA, and Nestle’s revolving door of CEO’s to the EPA. Same old bull, nothing new. The government appointees are and have been for sale to the highest bidder. This is why so much money is poured into presidential elections, because the President appoints all of these cabinet positions, and of course chooses from all of his major corporate donors. This is the essence of American government.

  5. where were they at prior to CFPB?

  6. sounds like more of an opportunity for the big banks to knock the little guys out of the mortgage market as well. I feel like the little guys are being water boarded.

  7. Dora Griffin says:

    Nothing to see here folks. No surprise really our politicians leave Washington to work for lobbyists. This is just more of the same.

  8. Nancy Viejo says:

    Who benefitted from Dodd-Frank and the rest of this BS? The sheer fact that no one went to jail at the Biggie's and they just got huge multimillion dollar fines reeks big time. The plan all along, maybe?

  9. Chuck says:

    CFPB needs to be gutted like a fat carp. Any Prez hopefuls weighing in on this?

  10. You should do a follow up story to the "Banker Suicides" you did over a year ago. There have been over 40 reported suicides

  11. Deborah Fox says:

    Geez. My first thought was rats deserting a sinking ship. I guess that was just Pollyanna thinking.

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