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Well it looks as though Equifax has been hacked again.  Great…



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"Equifax Hacked Again…"

  1. Matt Pfeiffer says:

    First, hoping you guys are alright where you are and the fire closest to you isn’t getting any closer. Second, is one of you sitting in front of Metallica? Can’t find them on your backdrop!

  2. Marty W says:

    I took a month off your show because last one I watched you played music in the background. What are the odds 30 days later that the one I decide to watch, has music in the background again? Unsubscribed.

  3. stephanie Plumb says:

    HUD claiming the MMI funds are low yet this article reads a different story http://www.thetruthaboutmortgage.com/hud-has-412-million-in-uncollected-fha-mortgage-insurance-refunds/
    …ut if you know you’ve had an FHA loan at some point in the past 30 or so years (and didn’t get any refund info), you can go to the HUD website and search their database by last name or FHA case number.

    I did a search for the last name “Robertson” and the system spit out 365 results. Some of these people are literally owed thousands of dollars, whether they realize it or not.

    Assuming your name is on HUD’s list, you can call 1-800-697-6967 to get your refund processed. You’re actually urged to call either way if you think a refund might be due, even if your name is absent from the list…

  4. Michael H says:

    Unlike the hurricane property losses will the CA. fire losses be covered by homeowners insurance ? What if it WAS arson ? Any policy experts out there ?

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