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Ellie Mae has released a survey that is sure to blow your mind… and then you’ll go back to work.



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"Ellie Mae Releases Mind Blowing Survey"

  1. It seems that banks are targeting millennial. With that said, since I am not a millennial, that means banks are discriminating against people like me. So I guess I should go out and get myself an attorney and sue the banks because they are discriminating against older people. The scary part is I would probably win my case.

  2. Maureen says:

    That would be hilarious if it weren’t true.

  3. Jeff Womack says:

    30 year olds are millenials?

  4. Yes, 30 year olds are millenials. Millenials are people born from roughly early 1980's to about the year 2000.

  5. Bobbi Swann says:

    Manny – Banks have been discriminating against the 'older' generation for years. Have many older persons do you see working there above 60? or even 55? But then again, who would want to work for $10/hr. As to millennials, quite honestly they will only be able to get the FHA loan anyway because they haven't been taught to SAVE…but rather to SPEND. They have no savings, they are loaded to the gills with debt but they do have the latest in technology gadgets and brand new cars. Yep, let's build a house out of old, recycled cell phones, MP3 players and the like for them to buy and live in. Most of them went the 'college' route with tons of student loans, dropped out in the 2nd year and decided to become gas station attendents, car sales persons or insurance sales persons all the while moving in and mooching off dear old mom and dad! Gee, I feel better already now that I got that off my chest and likely that I will already be retired by the time this generation of buyers (ha-ha) come out of the woodwork.

  6. Rich Kramer says:

    This is true. I can call my kids or text them with no response,…. but if I use Snapchat they reply in seconds. This is now our main way of communication. Sometimes we even try talking at the dinner table.

  7. I think a reach out to the CFPB is in order (wink-wink nudge-nudge)!!!

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