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Ellie Mae Being Bought for Billions



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"Ellie Mae Being Bought for Billions"

  1. Free Speech says:

    I remember a thing on TV a number of years ago, reporting on the takeover of the medical “industry” by the so-called HMO’s/PPO’s, etc. They were interviewing a surgeon. He exclaimed, I’m a surgeon, not a GD’ed vendor”!!! Now, if the corporate vermin don’t give a rat’s about him, why do we think that exclaiming, “I’m a real estate broker, appraiser, surveyor, inspector, loan officer, etc.” is going to make any difference?! Yeah, we have to make it personal and hope that the public is capable of grasping same. We have to make voting very personal also and vote every leftist in America out of office.

    1. Tom Reichard says:

      Sounds like you are against the big corporations taking over the industry even more than they have already. I think that would make you a leftist. The corporate entity you are against is a fine example of right wing capitalism at it’s best, something you seem to want to support politically. The only thing that could stop these type of corporate take overs and monopolies would be Government intervention and regulation. You can’t have it both ways. Pick a side but before you do that maybe you better research what side you are actually supporting.

  2. Peter Tamashiro says:

    Great message. Ironically we just had incident with Ellie Mae. When Genesis stopped we we’re told if we signed up with Encompass we’d always have tech backup by phone. Well that ceased. We never utilized Encompass to max. With all the new free programs floating around I wonder if Ellie actually bailed seeing what’s coming? We are small “micro” mom and pop. We know how to survive

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