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eBuyer Opendoor 10% Commission?



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"eBuyer Opendoor 10% Commission?"

  1. Kevin Jacobs says:

    Real scenario for a client of mine. He wanted to explore Opendoor to sell quickly (against my advise), so I got the offer for him through their realtor page, came in below the lowest comp at 269k. We quickly squashed that idea.

    He then (on my advice), painted the interior, replaced carpet, a few minor repairs, $3-4K total and some elbow grease. (For the record, I offered to help 🙂 ).

    Listed and sold it in 1 Day at $285k. Above comps, and before the work was even completed! (Sold so quickly, he let the buyer pick the color carpet.)

    Needless to say, seller was VERY happy that he walked with more money in his pocket, and didn’t give his profits away out of the “convenience” of these new technologies.

    Win for Realtors!

    1. Shannon Leidholm says:

      I think the key is that YOU got the OpenDoor offer for your seller. It makes a huge difference when we are willing to explore options with our clients and not be intimidated by them. When you offer a great service for the $ there is no reason to be put off or intimidated by the competition. Nice job!!

  2. Neil Clifton says:

    This is nothing new. Some people would rather have less money now than more money later. When we had sellers carrying back private notes to get their home sold (in the 80’s it was necessary) they would commonly sell the note they held for a 20% discount. I know I refinanced out of a private note and offered 80% of the face value for money in 21 days. The note holder took it to my surprise. They wanted the “Now” money. These sellers just want quick cash and will leave thousands on the table to get it. The buyer has a lot of cash available. God Bless America.

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