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Drop the CRM Grab the Phone – Especially this month!  A good CRM certainly does it’s job, but during this holiday period, it’s better to grab the phone.



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"Drop the CRM Grab the Phone"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    I enjoyed today’s post because you are right on the mark. Way too many LO’s today don’t even know how to talk to referral partners or for that matter, how to even find referral partners. This is a great time to blend the new with the old and start actually setting meetings with referral partners and then going to meet them face to face. It’s also a great idea to talk to and possibly set up some kind of event to host your past customers. You can use new tech, facebook, twitter, etc., and set up a time at a movie theatre, park or even a couple of hours “face to face” at a bar…hmm, meeting people face to face. It works, always has…BAM!

  2. Doc Holiday says:

    I enjoy the banter but…Please invest in a month of tanning. The pale complexion looks morbid….

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