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Are you familiar with the Fannie Mae NO FICO loan?  We’d love to have your thoughts on it in the comments below.



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"Fannie Mae NO FICO Loan"

  1. Looks like Frank approved the "draft"…. another nice job, guys…

  2. We are all experts at pointing out the problems but why don't you start a campaign, like a petition, to do something about the problem? And "no", the solution to the problem is not putting all the attorneys on a dessert island. Well, maybe it is.

  3. Ron Dittus says:

    We have not learn a thing from History, did we just have a melt down because of bad mortgage decesion. It getting hard for my good clients to get a loan but the marginal ones can get the loan because of PROGRAMS like this one.

  4. Adam Welch says:

    Yeah! Put ’em on Key Lime Pie Island, or Coconut Cream Cove! That’ll teach ’em!

  5. So there are only a few Lender's that do the FHA No Score program……. how many Lender's will be doing the Fannie No Score? Will your warehouse lines even allow it? Will your company be willing to take that risk? Interesting. Is it April Fool's Day again?

  6. This is the very same lame brain thought process or lack thereof that sent the housing market spiralling in a down hill slide. The true definition of insanity

  7. Bernie says:

    this is the same with homeowners who are still crying I did not understand what I was signing. The new forms still are not easy enough reading for over 80% of the clientele….

  8. Douglas Greenspan says:

    This is all part of the absurd gov’t rules that will lead to another melt down and then the Gov’t can file the loan companies that did the loans by following these guidelines. Notice a revenue collection pattern here? I think it was one of your videos that had something about a person with $44K/month income and a $22K/month alimony payment that could not get a $300K mortgage. Sure that makes sense. But we should keep lending on income (that can disappear tomorrow) and not worry about equity or credit score. Great plan!

  9. We do at Bay Equity! No Fico for one of the borrowers is no problem

  10. Rick Kesseler Where do you do loans and what is your contact info?

  11. we do FHA no score and we don't require any borrower to have a score. Not an easy loan, but we do them.

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