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DOJ Pushes Judge to Pursue NAR Lawsuit





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"DOJ Pushes Judge to Pursue NAR Lawsuit"

  1. Steven Abramson says:

    DOJ, This has nothing to do with you, but out, we don’t care about your unfounded opinion. Let the courts sort it out again, keep the rip off fintecch’s out of a business that they simply do not belong in, they rip off sellers, it’s a proven fact.

  2. We, Real Estate agents and Brokers have always taken our clients best interest into our business. We are here to help protect both buyers and sellers and believe that the people pushing for these changes and bringing these lawsuits forward want to take advantage of buyers and sellers across the country. The MLS systems across the country insure that we are competitive and have always been. Our company offers many types of programs for buyers and sellers, there is no set price for any service.

  3. Denis Timkee says:

    Keep the crooks out.

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