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Doing HECM Purchase deals may be something to consider this coming year.

CLICK HERE for HUD HECM Purchase Info



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"Doing HECM Purchase Deals?"

  1. Mike Peerless says:

    Hello Katherine, Instead of using the term “down-sizing” we use the term “right-sizing” Don’t let that stop you. Good luck to you in 2017!

  2. Lisa LeQuire says:

    Love the HECM’s. A key component to ensuring a successful transaction is an escrow company that understands how to balance the HUD. This is tricky at best and is significantly more intense than any forward mortgage. And don’t forget the Reverse refi’s! Folks are not seeking the Reverse Refi’s to lower interest rates, but out of need. Citrus Escrow, Inc in SoCal specializes in Reverse Mortgage anything. We would love to be your Reverse go-to closing specialists.

  3. Micha-el says:

    This is the same fund that keeps getting robbed. Live long and prosper.

  4. Nannette LaDuca Boose says:

    I’ve been a Reverse Mortgage expert for 12+ years. There hasn’t been much of a demand for the HECM for purchase. Mostly because the senior population and most Real Estate agents don’t know about the program or how it works. Here is a link to my website that has some basic info about the HECM for purchase. http://www.myrmagent.com/seniorlendingsource/purchase_guidelines.php

  5. Michael Previti says:

    Which wholesale lenders will work with mortgage brokers?

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