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Discount Broker Purple Bricks Leaving USA




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"Discount Broker Purple Bricks Leaving USA"

  1. Tom Reichard says:

    Shawn Patrick Moloney you seem to be a Zillow supporting troll. Are you a realtor or loan officer or just a shill for Zillow? Zillow is not beneficial to the consumer. Just the opposite. There information is mainly supplied to them by all us agents across the country but it is not kept up to date and as was mentioned, the zestimates are actually damaging to the consumer and the real estate industry. All they do is consolidate information in a very user friendly web site. Consumers can get better and more accurate and up to date information from their local agent and MLS websites. It would be best for everyone if agents across the country simply stopped feeding this monster!

  2. Brett Reichel says:

    Hey guys….the answer to your question about why the big boys don’t have a conference call and shut down Zillow is that collusion like that is illegal…

  3. The reason discount brokerages fail is they can’t make enough money with their discount models. They keep trying by discounting their fees, but they also don’t give full service because they don’t make the money it requires to give full service. It’s pretty simple, if people want to sell their most prized possession and not take advantage off all the services given by a good full service agent it will end up costing them a lot more than a full commission. A good negotiator will more than pay for the difference in commission.

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