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Delinquencies Rise EVERY September?



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"Delinquencies Rise EVERY September?"

  1. For the first time in several years, with about four properties under management, we have a 60-day delinquent renter. She SAID she put the check in owner’s mailbox last night at 5 pm. We’ll see. But 60 days !!!! Rick.

  2. Bruce Erickson says:

    One thing that could explain the low foreclosure vs delinquency numbers could be in todays market home values are not going down and it is fairly easy to sell at top price above the loan balance. While going back to the “crash” .. values were dropping and it got a lot harder to sell at anything above your loan balance.

  3. Bruce Erickson says:

    One possible explanation for some of the disconnect between delinquency vs foreclosures numbers is that home owners today have a lot more equity and in most markets you can sell a home fairly fast and at full price. So you fall behind .. no problem just sell !!

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