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Defaults on the Rise with Possible Recession on the Horizon

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"Defaults on the Rise with Possible Recession on the Horizon"

  1. Pam Moore says:

    If Karma plays in this scenario, then when and if we do experience a recession and with that a downturn in the housing market. Then the purchase of a large inventory of homes will certainly sell for less than in a market that has rising home prices. They would have a large amount of money invested in homes that won’t sell for what they anticipated at the time of their purchase. Add the fact that their purchase price devalued the surrounding neighborhood and therefore the home that they are wanting to sell. A recession also cuts down on the field of qualified buyers for the product. The longer it is on the market the more they will loose in the long run.

  2. K.F says:

    I would bet and have seen that most of those are loans that had a loan mod with a NegAm feature. The homes are upside down and the loan mod terms. on these is coming up. There is no recession and there will be no 2006.

  3. mike says:

    What recession?

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