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With more and more lenders coming out with FHA alternatives what does this mean to FHA, housing and the economy?



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"David Stevens on the FHA"

  1. Jaa says:

    Fha is totally insane. They act as if they are omnipotent. They abuse appraisers with bogus unfounded incompetent reviews with no recourse. You can’t communicate with them because they are so entrenched with their condescending bureaucracy that they won’t even take your call especially when they are proven wrong over and over. I’m droping them because they are not only incompetent but out and out frauds. They are smokin way too much weed in Denver!!

  2. jaa says:

    FHA is insane. they are a bunch of condescending robots. They have no problem abusing appraisers with their bogus unfounded reviews and punishment. The are bogus, dishonest and hide behind their desks. Try contacting them especially when they are wrong and see how you never get through. They don’t have the professionalism to even discuss anything with you and typically like the one in the white house or ex soctus are above the law. Im dropping them as they are just an unnecessary burden whose employees are only their to justify their cubicled esistence

  3. Leslie De Palo says:

    As a Loan Officer, my primary business has been Refis. I have found that FHA programs usually are more expensive due to MI and are far more cumbersome over all. My dear Borrowers are not interested and we have found great loan programs without the need for an FHA loan. Gratefully, I have had to use an FHA program only on rare occasion. Now, I am doing more Purchase Money loans, however, again, it seems to be too cumbersome of a process and too slow for most Borrowers who want that loan to close within 30 days! Just saying…

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