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David Stevens on Mark Calabria




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"David Stevens on Mark Calabria"

  1. Brian Kniegge says:

    great info. sad that the ceo of Quicken has the opportunity to be on CNBC this a.m. and never mentions any of the issues that you are addressing here. Lost opportunity. Just used the time as a commercial.

  2. Idathunk U Newbedder says:

    All the really important players are mentioned in this one …. Parrott, Bright, Zandi, Whalen, the big wall street player guy whose name Dave can’t mention because …. er well … because ,  even those pesky “evil hedge funds”and hey why not have the GSEs make a huge draw on the Treasury backstop money is already there and it’s free money as far as the MBA is concerned besides it’s a win win as it bails out some MBA members and since GSEs can never pay it back … it’ll put em receivership that much sooner and rid us of that gawd awful “failed business model” No wonder Chris Whalen got his panties in a bunch over Calabria’s handling of the whole affair !

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