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Today we interviewed David Stevens about several things including what he feels about the current status of credit availability.



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"David Stevens on Credit Availablity"

  1. FL-MTG-BRKR says:

    Great interview.

  2. Joe Prevost says:

    Thank you to David Stevens for all his efforts for the entire industry. Thanks to Brian, Frank and the National Real Estate Post for hosting this interview.

  3. Dan Neumann says:

    Guarantee fees or G-fees. They total about 54 basis points on conventional loans!! There is legislation to stop funding federal projects by taxing our clients (and me and you). If you agree with me, please forward this on to all and call your Senators and House members:


  4. Bob Brickman says:

    What have they done. They came out with automated underwriting in the late 90's to promote fair lending and at this point they have ELIMINATED "Common Sense" lending and human judgement on major life decisions. With lack of Clarity and a parking lot of red tape hopefully people will find Someone like me to help them.

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