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Cuomo Pushes Income Discrimination Bill?



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"Cuomo Pushes Income Discrimination Bill?"

  1. Jack says:

    Section 8 vouchers in my area comes with strict rules from county housing. In the agreement between the county and the recipient it has language to protect the landlord for items you mentioned in your video. The language says if you trash a place you loose your voucher, so a landlord essential can make a complaint and the tenant could loose future vouchers

    1. Bob Gillespie says:

      And how does that protect the landlord with the trashed home? It doesn’t, and no one is responsible for the repairs except the landlord. Best advise I ever received from a property manager: NEVER accept Section 8 vouchers.

      1. Dianne says:

        Agree with Bob. The landlord isn’t protected at all. So they lose their voucher. That doesn’t put back money in the landlord’s pocket when they are out thousands to repair their home. There was a time when Section 8 guaranteed the landlord the cost of repairs, but that doesn’t happen anymore. They were probably losing too much money. I have several rental properties, and will not rent to section 8.

    2. Michael Golieb says:

      Been there! They lose their ability to get Section 8, and they’re PISSED!!! Now, instead of $4,000 to replace the carpet, professionally clean the A/C and ducts, paint and commercially clean the place, NOW you get to replace the restroom and closet doors that they put their fist through, the toilets that they shove silverware down, all of the appliance that they ruin …

  2. SarcasmDetector says:

    Cuomo should be tested for mental illness. His recent claim that he’s an ‘undocumented immigrant’ was laughably absurd. He was born in Queens, NY to a mother who was also born in Queens.

  3. Scott Johnson says:

    This is why so many mortgage companies do not lend in New York State. The State that elected Hillary to the Senate or the State that our current President resides from. Stupid on both side of the fence! Cuomo is just the leading Idiot of the State of New York today. I’m sure there are dumber people waiting to take his job and based on New York history that dumb ass will get elected to some public office…soon

  4. Jayne Bail says:

    Legislator in Colorado has introduced a bill very similar…being heard today.
    Check it out – HB18-1432: http://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2018A/bills/2018a_1432_01.pdf

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