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Credit Repair Deemed as Fraud?



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"Credit Repair Deemed as Fraud?"

  1. GARY STANGE says:

    No sooner did the video start it froze up

  2. Linda Morgan says:

    True it doesn’t play the video but maybe this is the Fraud! Just goes around and around but in a triangle.

  3. Carlo Sanchez says:

    Oops they Ticked Off Corelogic!! It’s a conspiracy!!

  4. Dustin says:


  5. Melissa Cox says:

    I think Corelogic just wants to gouge us more by needing more products. Their fees are getting more outrageous every day. It is ridiculous!

  6. Jarod Marcus says:

    Sorry, but credit reporting in general is a fraud. How is it that medical bills that are refused by insurance are secretly put on one’s credit? How is it that old debts go way past seven years, because every time the debt is sold, it creates a new trade line that is really a duplicate? How is it that practically EVERY borrower with student loans shows to owe 4-5 times the actual amount with 20-30 trade lines for student loans? How is it that as a small time landlord, the credit agencies won’t allow ME to report good payments for my tenants? Face it, the credit industry loves errors, as it gives them an excuse to sell credit monitoring programs to those who have less than perfect credit. People who always pay their bills on time rarely check their credit.

  7. Ray Leone says:

    Credit repair? Please…read and understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 that gives everyone the right to challenge what is reported by creditors on their credit files.
    I have always disagreed with the right of creditors to report anything they want (to be read as unverified) to a person’s credit file. Then, it is up to the consumer to challenge the accuracy of the posting.
    Come to think of it, may be that is where the Democrats came up with the idea of having Kavanaugh prove his accusers accusations of sexual misconduct were false.
    In the credit world, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

  8. Michele says:

    I think credit repair is still the speedy underbelly of lending. Too many promises that are misleading and blatant lies. I see more clients in worse condition after ‘credit repair’ and poorer for the outrageous fees. My concern on credit reports are the debts not reported that the client is responsible for. If ALL debt isn’t disclosed, isn’t that fraud?

  9. As the founder of America’s 1st and most successful PAID ON RESULTS credit repair compnay…www.FortressCreditPro.com I can agree with this. If you are committing FRAUD when repairing someone’s credit to get them a home loan, then it would be Mortgage Fraud. BUT, if you are simply disputing INACCURATE accounts and they get removed due to the INACCURACY that would not be fraud.

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