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This has to be the most confusing worksheet we’ve ever seen.  Let’s hope that our customers don’t find it as it will totally throw a monkey wrench into the gears of their brains.  CLICK HERE to get the worksheet.



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"Crazy CFPB Worksheet for Your Consumers"

  1. If it's not confusing it's not complete! Looks like the IRS must have helped with the form. A decent budget would be far better.

  2. David Baum says:

    What does it mean to me? I can't afford my home… Or any home in San Diego. Looking for property in Calexico.

  3. Show wasn't bad. What was really bad is that annoying background music stuck in a loop. God get the repeating noise out of my head!!!!!!!!!

  4. Could'nt get into your program with that stupid annoying music playing! What were you thinking???

  5. Could'nt get into your program with that stupid annoying music playing! What were you thinking???

  6. Love love love that music! Listened over and over again.

  7. David Witsen says:

    I “could” fill out this masterpiece of reduced paperwork O R I could spend 5 minutes on the phone with my lender and go on with my life . with e MEANINGFULL Bottom Line. PLUS , My lender would tell me what to do to Better Qualify

  8. Unfortunately, got a headace just reading this…have to try again later, I guess…or GIVE UP : )

  9. Dora Griffin says:

    What does this mean? The cfpb is all about verbiage vs a simple line by line column approach to budgeting. It is no surprise this document is thus presented given that we have multiple LE's, CD's and in the end a settlement form that looks nothing like the LE or the CD. With very minor changes (almost always resulting in LESS cost to the consumer) new LE's and CD's are created, making our files bigger and bigger. This paperwork means absolutely NOTHING to the consumer. What a supreme waste of time, paper and money. The cfpb needs to be abolished. This is a bunch of thirty somethings getting creative. Somehow they think a consumer wants to sit and stare at forms for hours vs gleaning what they want from them in a glance.

  10. Cathy Dabney says:

    Talking so fast I could not understand a word you said in the beginnig. What can you customize and where do you get it.

  11. Jeff Norin says:

    You need to please turn your volume up on your p-cast…I am at the max and your volume is so low can't ear it…Thx

  12. Anne Moell says:

    I was on the phone with Sprint for an hour this morning over my monthly bill as usual which gave me a headache as usual. Thank you for todays show. I gave you a round of applause and YES to the CFPB on this one.

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