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COVID Got you Down? Here is what you CAN do!




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"COVID Got you Down? Here is what you CAN do!"

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  1. Rich Fraser says:

    I keep fielding calls where borrowers are trying to refinance and wouldn’t you know it they are in a forbearance even though they have not been impacted by the Civid Pandemic.FNMA has officially co formed with us via email that they will not buy a loan that went into forbearance because it is not considered current. I ask the borrowers why they did the forbearance and the vast majority have told me that their servicers called them to offer it. So rather than help these people refi they gave them forbearance as a way to prevent them from refinancing. What a bunch of crap.

  2. Susan Rauth says:

    Outside of forwarding this video, as a 17+ year Realtor, I’d love a marketing piece that explains forbearance, particularly the fine print in an understandable way. Pros and Cons maybe? I know every situation is unique for each homeowner, but something to get the information from this video onto a mailer form? The more my
    Realtor community can help get this information out for the mortgage community the better! Thanks!
    Susan-Omaha, NE