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The Cordray Governor run smells fishy to us… Check out why.



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"Cordray Governor Run Smells Fishy"

  1. SarcasmDetector says:

    The CFPB was a liberal creation and were weaponized like the FBI and the IRS. The fact that, of their 500 employees who donated to political campaigns, only one…ONE…donated to the Republican party. Trump must continue to ‘drain the swamp’.

  2. George Baumann says:

    Go and get em. Hope you can empty that part of the swamp.

  3. Matt says:

    They are all corrupt and believe they are above the law. Drain the swamp and impose term limits.

  4. Matt says:

    They are all corrupt and believe they are above the law. Drain the swamp and then impose term limits!

  5. Wes says:

    Stay on it bros.!! Drain the swamp! The CFPB was a political sham organization from the start…(check out what Dodd & Frank are doing now) and can be shut down…in 2018! Stay on this!! Thanks, Merry Christmas, love you guys in ND!

  6. Ron Blessey says:

    Dudes, don’t you know this behavior is a pre requisite for moving up the political ladder??!! Another government agency that operates with their own rules and thumbs their noses at those of us that pay for their existence. Just what Ohio needs (in my opinion), a dumb crook to head up their State. You Ohio Repubs, bury this guy by getting out to vote and make a difference.

    PS – M Mulvaney, please dismantle this CFPB debacle and let us get back to work and do what we do best. There are actually a lot of us that have always operated above board despite what D & F sold to the previous administration to create this autonomous behemoth.

  7. Patrick Andre says:

    I am curious what the CFPB claimed they were purchasing for the $58M?

  8. Ed says:

    With this evidence of alternative motive, all the companies that were sued by CFPB should sue him personally and not in a class action.

  9. Kathy Wright says:

    If you aren’t familiar with Andrew Wilkow on Sirius Patriot channel #124 (9-12 PST) you should contact him with your info. He has been on the CFPB corruption for years but you are still way ahead on this one. He has a huge listening audience and would be a great conduit to get this info out now and for future info. Wilkowmajority.com
    I sent a message thru his website with your info, hopefully you can connect!

  10. Gary Boyer says:

    I listen in to get details on important issues affecting the industry, not carry out a grudge of Democrat vs Republican. They are plenty of resources for that. Please keep your eye on the ball guys.

  11. Brian Zaverl says:

    Live and work in Ohio, this crook will be wasting his time and money here.

  12. Mitch Hagee says:

    Maybe you guys out to approach the Trump administration while it still exists. Lets see if you might get your feet in the door to help curb Dodd-Frank into some logical policies to help open the lending industry back to where it makes sense for consumers and lenders alike.
    Keep it up guys! Love your show.

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