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So there is this agent who was convicted of murder who never stopped marketing while he was in jail.  What’s your excuse!  🙂



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"Jailed Murderer Agent Never Stops Marketing"

  1. Bernie says:

    seriously the country is having a nervous breakdown. I watched on CNN a woman crying hysterically that Trump was becoming President and had to be hospitalized….If anybody had acted that way when Obama was elected twice people would have laughed at that person uncontrollably…..They were being over dramatic, Obama could not destroy this country, or let all our enemies out of Guantanamo, or raise taxes so we had to choose between feeding our families or paying for healthcare, or paying a fine for not buying his Obamacare, or letting thousands of criminal illegals back out on to the streets of America to rob us, kill us and the cops who protect this great Nation. Nay we would have been laughed into oblivion by the same mass media who runs to this womans aid and says see what Trump is doing to this Nation already. Yes, Trump is proposing we all take personal responsibility for our lives. He is also doing something amazing, he is giving America her jobs back and doing his best to unite this Nation as a strong, amazing country that does not take %$#@ from no one. If every American had the opportunity that the Democrats have given to illegals, HB1Visa and refugees, there would not be a Black Lives Matter group. We need to put AMERICANS FIRST PEOPLE….Tomorrow this country begins the healing process and we AmeriCANS are going to rebuild this Nation brother and sister, no matter your race, your culture, we are going to make this Nation Great again. We are going to get rid of everybody who is not here legally. We are going to revoke all the HB1 Visas, and send the refugees back to their countries. We are going to get the 20,000 Americans off the streets of Los Angeles, Ca. and the 10,000 off the streets of San Diego. America will succeed because AmeriCANS will succeed under Trumps leadership. Americans come first under Trump and that is the way it should be.

    1. Cindy says:

      VERY,VERY true & WELL SAID!!!!!

    2. Norma Mladineo says:

      The ONLY way to make them eat their hate is for Trump to make true on his promises of an abundant, successful, safe America for ALL!! Until then, sadly to say, this ridiculousness and scary behavior will continue.

  2. Steven Woloszyk says:

    Outstandingly sardonic show! Love it. Wonder if this guy has a lender partner?

  3. Steve Harkness says:

    today is 08/11/2018 and the most incredible of things is STILL Happening. The lefties as I call it supported by the news media ARE STILL DOING the very same things described in the above well written and 100% accurate article. What the hell is going on? I am begging to believe there might be a concerted effort by some unelected unseen group of people to subvert this democratically elected President. We have not come back together as a Country and healed. This is dangerous and very unamerican. People, please we survived 8 years of Obama. We surely can survive 8 years of Trump (assuming he is elected to a second term).

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