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David Jolly from Florida want’s to fine HUD over $100MM for an assisted living issue that could be easily be solved in such a way that wouldn’t hurt HUD.



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"Congressman Wants to Fine HUD for Over $100MM"

  1. When are you two running for office….we could use you up on the hill!!! All hills and even the little bumps in the road…Please Please Please

  2. Rich Hayden says:

    New layout is fly.

  3. Jim Moser says:

    Can’t open the video. When I click the arrow, it wants to download something & then asks to get on your mailing list. It’s happened several times this week.

  4. Randy says:

    Another government agency led by idiots. Problem solved. 1. Must re-certify every year for housing. 2. Heavy fines or jail time or both for those that commit fraud.

  5. Isn't this "fine" the same thing that the CFPB metes out to lenders when they make a mistake in their loans? What's good for the goose should be good for the gander, shouldn't it? As a woman, I am thinking this through, guys (LOL). Something has to be done about this, and your suggestion is a good one. Similarly, the lenders should be given suggestions on how to fix the problems and NOT FINED EXHORBITANT AMOUNTS. Don't you agree?

  6. Is not HUD supposed to all ready be checking income changes

  7. Amen, Mr. Jolly is grandstanding big time! You guys have the perfect fix! Why couldn't our
    goverment think of that? We have to do a 4506T on every loan we do! It's their job to make sure
    the income has not changed down the road….wasted money!

  8. Jon Le Beau says:

    Okay let me get this straight you 2 knuckle heads want to expand government by hiring more government employees to follow up on the mistakes of government employees. Really that's all you got, what are you getting funding now from HUD? Better luck next time you guys.

  9. Agreed. Pulling one of these shortsighted Libertarian moves only indicates one thing, Mr. Jolly is a noob.

  10. David Petrie says:

    The point is …. it needs to be fixed … whatever it takes …even "grandstanding " to start and then compromise . But let me repeat …. it needs to be only people that qualify in public housing .
    Yes it may take more employees .

  11. Please indicate at one time in the video they suggested that HUD hire more people.

  12. Jon Le Beau says:

    Eric S Peltier Please expain to us how they wouldnt, it's obvious to most that they are inept. Is it your opinion that they will suddenly become capable of effective self governance?

  13. So you can't answer my question?

  14. Jolley is a Republican …

  15. Jon Le Beau says:

    Eric S Peltier So you are incapable of understanding a simple point, you are a prime candidate for a job at HUD.

  16. What did you expect. He's a politician. The only thing he knows how to fix is a decent coctail. In addition, check the HUD guidelines. THe applicant only has to qualify on the front end. There is no statutory process to requalify if you stay in the same place. Dig deep enough in any governemnt assistance program and you'll find an example of agregious abuse. Actuallly, there is a method to HUD's madness in this one: not just in theory, but in fact, as the recipients income increases the neighborhood improves. Fewer welfare recipients and deadbeats. These same people in turn want more from their community in regards to city services like trash collection and police patrols, not to mention lawns and repairs … and they get it. As happened in San Francisco's Western Addition / Filmore neighborhood over the 10 years I lived there, as the incomes increased and the neighborhood was improving, even though 80% was subsidised government housing, retailers took note. Businesses remodeled; new options opened; Starbucks came in. In the last 3 years 8 large complexes, all subsidized, have been remodeled and updated. I'm sure none of the tenants was earning $400,000, except perhaps one relatively well regarded drug dealer. But a significant number of renters had actual jobs, when at the start that number was virtually ZERO. So don't expect much change to the rules any tine soon. I do expect the guy in MO will be looking for a new home, as well as a few other high profile abusers, though.

  17. Eric S Peltier YOU DIDN"T ANSWER HIS. So I'll assume your posture is "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind's made up"

  18. Anna Brickner Gellatly I'm shocked!!

  19. Kirk Kelley says:

    what they suggested was to re-monitor and re-qualify who lives in low income housing, really not sure why you think that is a bad idea to use government resources in a responsible manner, even if it takes a couple of empolyees, – this is such a typical republican response if we cut the funding the poor people will just go away. problem solved right.

  20. Bummer, no more embed code??

  21. Jon Le Beau says:

    Kirk Kelley No it's yo and your ilk that gets us into these kinds of situation, simply throwing money at the problem has little to no effect just look at LAUSD. I will do something that very few left wingers on this thread are willing or capable of doing and that is offering up solutions:
    1. Fire 90% of the top bureaucrats associated with this debacle and freeze their pensions.
    2. Start an open bid process allowing private firms to come up with a solution.
    3. Take what ever money said firms need to resolve the issue from HUD's operating budget.
    4. If you have been caught gaming the system you will pay back all the money you have stolen from American tax-payers with penalties and interest consistent with those handed out by the IRS for delinquent taxes.

    That would be a great start!

  22. Jon Le Beau says:

    Kirk Kelley "use government resources in a responsible manner, even if it takes a couple of empolyees" oxymoronic at best.

  23. Did you think that maybe if they re-qualify everyone and kick/fine/jail the criminals that are stealing tax dollars we might save $100 million?

  24. I'm sorry you seem incapable of supporting your statement with a simple reference.

    Since you've asked me questions, I'll answer.
    "Please expain to us how they wouldnt" Poor grammer notwithstanding, I think our hosts are simply asking HUD to do a better job. They did not suggest doing a better job will require an increase in headcount.
    "Is it your opinion that they will suddenly become capable of effective self governance?" Self-Governance? I'm not sure I want HUD to be self-governed. Look how the CFPB operates, with no oversight. If it does not exist already, I think Congress should direct HUD to review income at a predetermined interval. Maybe every 2 or 3 years?

  25. Nick says:

    Actually $100 mil would let HUD off the hook easier than doing a Fed Audit and encarcirating all the current and past Dept Heads and their fall guys for Fraud.

    1. Nick says:

      What is this moderation????Do you mean monitoring?

  26. Jon Le Beau says:

    Eric S Peltier I'm sorry you fail to understand my point, no I'm not really nor am I suprised. Have a great week end.

  27. love the new format

  28. Am I the only one who questions why do "poor folks" automatically get a hand out? For one the definition of "poor folk" isn't really all that poor and then we MUST allow them to continue to milk the system because they had a bad year, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and got in under the wire?

    There's no need for public charity our government has it covered!

  29. Kirk Kelley says:

    yes get the private firms involved, add a layer of a bidding to it and some profits for somebody sure that will fix it – just like they fixed the prisons. Sorry Jon but you need to quit listening to the BS that says government does nothing correct. It is simple solution -give government employess the responsiblity and the authority to make the needed decisions and fix the program. Done. If congress needs to pass a law to authorze that then do it. Also the floridia congressman ought to be more concerned about the fact his state leads the nation in mortgage fraud…go work on that.

  30. Jon Le Beau says:

    Kirk Kelley "give government employees the responsibility and the authority to make the needed decisions" this assumes they don't already. You also assume that he doesn't care about the issues in his home state and assume that I think every government agency is inept. I submit that most government agencies can benefit from civilian oversight and being able with swiftly terminate a poor performing federal employee let alone a useless outdated federal program would be a great thing too. Please keep in mind that the less money the government needs to operate means less they need to take from you and although we may disagree on portions of this issue I would rather see you and I keep more of our hard earned income. If you don't agree with me on that then please feel free to send more of your money to either the Federal government or you can send it to me.

  31. Hmm… I'll look into that Craig. ~ Frank

  32. Is anyone else in the mortgage business concerned (or noticed) that Calyx Point software is significantly not TRID compliant? Never mind the idiocy involved with having to complete 3 obsolete forms in order to get a completed LE, but origination section of the LE is not showing the percentage AND dollar amount on broker fees, it's only showing it on discount and there are so many other glitches. Anyone notice that the Anti-Steering Disclosure form doesn't make sense now that there isn't a "Block A: Adjusted origination charges" section of a GFE for the consumer to compare it to? Does anyone know of other LOS software companies with a good product? Point just sucks and the lack of competition these days seems to have them feeling pretty complacent about sucking less.

  33. Steve Jordan says:

    What does this rant have to do with real estate lending or sales? Sounds more like a bernie sanders or hillary clinton rally to me.

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