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Coaching Company Gets Lender Fined $1.6MM – CLICK HERE to see the Press Release.



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"Coaching Company Gets Lender Fined $1.6MM"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Rick is a mortgage dinosaur and it’s the Executives in the mortgage industry that have no fire in their bellies because it’s those huge check cashing dinosaurs that continue to run the mortgage industry like it was 1989. HELLO!!! it’s 2018 and so little has changed. Originate, process, underwrite and close. BORING!!!

  2. Frank & Brian, I love your show and love watching every single day. I don’t even wait for the email to come out to watch it because normally it’s a day later. Call me personally on this episode! You’ve gotta do a follow up show to this one. It’s a great episode, but I want to give you insider information so you can impress your viewers with how they can really blow up their business! I’ll supply all of the proof that you want as well.

  3. James Costello says:

    What happened to free speech? I don’t condone what he said but only in a Fascist country is speaking your mind punished. Worse yet, is he wasn’t connected to that company. So it definitely is a free speech issue.

  4. Rick McCreadie says:

    I have attended a RR core presentation and have many friends who have been in the core and who have worked at Summit. RR style of motivation and demeanor is not for me nor my team. I’ve heard him say these types of comments, he’s guilty and dead in the water and most likely he would have paid much more if they dragged this through the courts Instead of settling. While it is true RR has helped many MLOs earn more with him, than without his services but There are many coaches out there, pick the one who works best with you.

  5. Ryan Hoffman says:

    I’ve also known Rick for many years and gone through his coaching program personally (spending a lot of money in the process). His style and flavor of communications is highly effective for helping break through blocks and mental barriers that extreme top producers have and are not for the faint of heart. He is also one of the most genuine, caring and real men I know. His coaching should only be given to those who want and ask for it. There is no shortage of that. I believe most people who know Rick outside of just reading this headline will agree. Don’t let news media make all your decisions for you.

  6. Travis Nicolaysen says:

    Hi guys, I personally worked directly with Rick Ruby for 6 years. As a matter of fact I believe I was originally the one that signed up Timothy George and Ryan Hoffman up for The CORE. Rick has a lot of great traits, he’s a great salesman, he’s great with his money. But, unfortunately these comments don’t surprise me at all as they happened on a daily basis. These are actually light compared to what would be said daily. Look at the average age of his employees. He didn’t try to hide the fact that he only wanted to hire young people. Again, I have respect for Rick on certain levels and Love The CORE. But, CORE students shouldn’t come to his defense here unless they have worked for him directly. Hope this helps Rick change some of the things he says and more importantly how he treats people.

  7. Michelle Watson says:

    How many of his female employees did Rick Ruby sexually harass. I know two of them personally Who don’t want to confess because they don’t wanna lose their jobs.

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