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CNN Sees Strong Spring for Real Estate

As loan originators we need to rethink everything and take our fight to the ground.  The giant cloud based mortgage tech companies are stronger, bigger and better than you at winning consumers from their vantage point in the cloud.
You have a vantage point, which is “on the ground”.  They can’t compete with you on the ground, they don’t dwell there.  If you’re using technology that is designed to communicate with your customers and referral partners for you, where you’re not the one doing the communicating you’re reinforcing the cloud companies position.
If you’re not physically engaging with your referral partners and customers on the phone or face to face, then they might as well use an app instead of you.  Guess what, the mortgage cloud giants have better apps than you.
YOU have to get back to the business of engagement with you referral partners and customers.  If you don’t, you will lose – period.
I have the plan and the tool that is designed to win on the ground level – where you have the advantage.  My plan and my technology is designed to beat the cloud giants in the battle ground that they can’t compete on.
Give me 30 minutes and I’ll show you.
Here is a link to register for my live webinar: CLICK HERE
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"CNN Sees Strong Spring for Real Estate"

  1. I like under 5 minute videos. I know not always possible. Thank you for the information you share!!!

  2. Rich says:

    She’s a nut.

  3. Ron Schmitz says:

    I would not place any credibility on any news that is reported by CNN.

  4. Martin says:

    I there a petition out to petition the danger of her petition?

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