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Today’s show is a bit fast paced and we cover several stories.  The one that sticks out to us though is that the CFPB is going to spend $15 million on PR advertising to improve their image.  Thoughts?



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"CFPB to Spend $15MM to Improve Reputation"

  1. What are you talking about, I thought the White House was the coolest house and it has been up for sale for many years.

  2. It would be cheaper for them to just pay you guys a million dollars to not talk about them.

  3. Are you saying your favorite Beatles song is… "It won't be long?"

  4. Pretty funny that the very entity that was supposed to improve accountability is so tarnished they need to start an ad campaign to improve their image because they haven't been accountable for what they do?

  5. Vicki Trembly says:

    I suppose if you want to get business from millennials you should target your marketing to investors who will own the homes that Millennials will pay for with their monthly rent check.

  6. Vicki Trembly says:

    So if you want to capture the Millennial Market you need to target the investor who will own the homes that the Millennials will pay the mortgage on with their rent checks?

  7. Mary Klope says:

    Who says beaurocracies aren't efficient with how our money is spent? Now we need another beaurocracy to fine them for needlessly spending tax payer/consumers money. No wonder people will vote their angst. What can you do? Enough is enough. There doesn't seem to be any good political choices. It's all nuts anymore. Common sense is getting very hard to find.

  8. Leslie De Palo says:

    The “Little White House” in London is only $3MM or so?! Mediocre houses in Marin County go for that regularly. This sounds like an amazing deal, especially because it is guarded by US Marines!! How long has it been on the market?!? What does Zillow say it is worth…just kidding!!

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