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The CFPB plans to revise their public consumer complaint forum to hopefully weed out the complaints that have no validity.  What’s more is they then want to add a survey to the mix.  Question is, will it help at all?



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"CFPB to Revise Public Consumer Complaint Forum"

  1. Your video stops at 12 seconds

  2. Seriously? How about the fact that Hillary is running on a platform that will "forgive " student loan debt" , yet Fannie mae, Fhlmcc, USDA and FHA ( government controlled entities under Obama) prevents buyers from getting mortgage loans if having been delinquent. INCLUDING OUR BRAVE VETERANS. I SEE AS TALKING OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF THEIR MOUTH. PLEASE DO NOT ELECT HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 1 candidate wants to uphold and support and strengthen the CFPB, and one candidate wants to dismantle this awful Dept.

  4. Mike Scalise says:

    I believe having Public Complaints would be a violation of privacy policies as many complaints could exist of matters that someone would not want everyone to know. How about having a private Lender to Lender complain option? I know some banks in my bank that I would love to have items seen that would maybe someday make these ameteurs actually have to go get REAL mortgage licenses non FDIC lenders have to obtain.

  5. What do the big banks care about the public complaints, they get fined and move on, they really could care less in my opinion. The CFPB could do a better job training their folks that answer the phone calls though and considering the amount of problems that went on during the crash the whole point is that the FTC was overwhelmed with complaints for one thing, also its not just the mortgage industry that they oversee, its also scumbag debt collectors who harm the public and break the laws, so those who don't want them around should really think twice. The CFPB is about to overhaul the debt collection act so I don't think they are going away any time soon.

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