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CFPB to Drop Public Complaints




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"CFPB to Drop Public Complaints"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    The idiot parade in DC just continues. First, the public complaints were never followed up on unless of course the culprit was a big bank. There are still LO’s out there paying Realtors for deals under the table and they will openly tell you that they are not worried about being caught because “I’m too small for anyone to care”. Also, complaints of blatant discrimination are never followed up on. One of your current advertisers had a Market Leader tell an underwriter to deny a loan because “the loan officer is no longer with the company”. I have the email and I know it was sent to the CFPD and nothing was ever done. It’s a joke and a waste of tax payer money to have the agency. It does not care unless it’s a big bank or big fish. I’m still waiting for Trump to clean the swamp in DC and the mortgage industry should do the same thing because the same ass clowns that ran the mortgage industry pre-crash are running it still and we are heading down a similar road. Only this time, the crash will be bigger because consumer debt is larger. The big one is coming and it’s because nothing has truly changed.

  2. BobH says:

    As a reply to Eagle Eye, I experienced the same thing. Wasted over 30 min only to be stopped at the final point – hitting the submit button. No errors, just ‘failed to submit complaint’. I guess Gary Keller may have gotten to the CFPB and convinced them to disable the ability to submit complains since he know that a flood of complaints is coming from legitimate RE agents and LO’s who follow the laws.

  3. Dan Magnano says:

    I understand where you are going on this, but the ad that you are saying is deceptive doesn’t show anything to do with Keller Mortgage. This looks like a real estate agent that is going to save the buyer’s money towards their home purchase by using that agent. Also, the fees portion is nothing more than not charging the buyer a junk (transaction) fee.

  4. BobH says:

    Update: I was able to get the complaint registered with CFPB. The prior problem I posted may have been an issue with the browser I was using (Firefox) or with the add-ons installed. I used Edge (which I use when issues like this occur, since that one has no add-ons installed) and was able to submit the complaint successfully. Sorry Gary Keller, you don’t get credit for stopping complaints to the CFPB (although I know you’ll try). ūüôā

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