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So the CFPB is looking to issue “No-Action” letters for certain products or services.  We’re not entirely sure what it really means but we’re guessing it could go either way.  After watching today’s show, let us know what you think.

For the Athena product we spoke about CLICK HERE.



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"CFPB Issuing NO ACTION Letters"

  1. Stephanie says:

    LOL!! You guys were hilarious today!!

  2. The fact that the CFPB is even considering this is tantamount to an admission that its regulations are vague and unfathomable. Kind of like IRS regulations. Their purpose is to cause everyone to be guilty, even if they are not, and definitely interfere with commerce. Just try to explain that to a public that has been condiioned to mistrust business, big or small. For every Bernie Madoff, though, there are thousands of honest brokers. But their regulations didn't catch Bernie until after he had fleeced so many people, did they. Anything government tries to do is after the fact and invariably adversely affects only the law abiding.

  3. George says:

    Your link to Athena does not seem to be working.

  4. Bernie says:

    I am voting for the candidate who says one of the first orders of business is going to be to fire every one at the CFPB and get rid of this organization.

  5. You really don't like NAR do you? Good tip on the safty and the gun. Yes, I said gun. Please carry per your state laws. Do you really think the CFPB will be brodcasting a no action letter that is going to allow a loan that other are not allowed to do. This is goverment. It will be in a friday press dump with 1000 pages. I wish you well looking for it.

  6. Darin Rhodes says:

    Frank Garay is my kind of guy. 100% genuine-willing to do high profile videos with a wrinkly and yes, even stained, shirt. Love it!

  7. Robert Edmundson says:

    My question is simple…The CFPB will take No-Action if you follow the Action outlined in the letter. So, is the Action outlined, better or worst than the “Activity” the No-Action letter is addressing?

  8. Mike Giles says:

    This is better and NAR is actually investing in this company. Checl it out : https://theguardllama.com/

  9. The Diablo would be a neat trick since it is no longer produced. Nice thought though.

  10. Teresa Jo says:

    Yes get a gun and proper training!

  11. The image you project is your value propositon per say.

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