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Like the IRS, the CFPB has extended their statue of limitations reach.  They can now go back and find you or your company for violations that occurred over 3 years ago.  Hey, why should the IRS get to be the most hated entity in the world right?



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"CFPB Follow IRS and Extends Their Reach"

  1. Maybe Megyn Kelly should ask the candidates about how they would solve the problems caused by CFPB's unreasonable enforcement actions. That would certainly put her back in my good graces.

  2. Greg King says:

    I can hear the audio, but the video doesn’t play…This has been a consistent problem lately.

  3. oh homonyms….

    Friday's episode request – CFPB and Lender MSAs – What does the future hold?

  4. marcus says:

    It is important to note that the CFPB only asserts that the 3 year SOL does not apply to UDAAP. This argument has yet to be ruled upon, and will likely take years as other big players contest it.

    With respect to RESPA the CFPB probably has good legal ground to stand on in exempting the 3 year SOL as HUD arguably had that power long before Title X. Granted, HUD never, to my knowledge, asserted this, but the law seems relatively clear.


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