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CFPB Fires 25 Member Advisory Board

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"CFPB Fires 25 Member Advisory Board"

  1. Ken MacDonough says:

    Trump and the Republicans complained that the head of CFPB had too much power. At least the CFPB had a 25 member advisory board. Now, Mulvaney has fired them and he alone makes the decisions. Sounds very hypocritical to me.

    1. SarcasmDetector says:

      You clearly don’t have any idea what is heppening Ken MacDounough. Mulvaney got rid of a bunch of greedy do-nothings to save taxpayer money. We’re going to have a panel of legislators overseeing the CFPB in the very near future. Stop complaining and get on the Trump Train! Draining the swamp!

  2. Would love to apply for a position with the newly appointed board. I own a title insurance company for the last 12 years and have worked in the industry for 23 years. This board should represent every professional in the mortgage/lending business. The CFPB has been out of control since it’s inception. They are answerable to no one. How can that be legal with the immense responsibility and power they have. Fifty percent of the board should be people who have had hands on experience with facilitating real estate closings. These are the people who will be an asset in making the policies user friendly for all.

  3. keith francis thornton says:


  4. Dave Lanpher says:

    Let’s not forget that the reason for Dodd-Frank and the creation of CFPB was to due to bad players in the market that drove us into a housing crisis. Banks to big to fail and not one of the bad players CEO’s went to jail. Oh they had to pay fines, boo hoo. There has been, in my opinion, so much good for the consumer in fairer treatment, no hidden costs, no last minute changes to the settlement statements. The stress on the consumer has gone down in most of transactions. I have been business over 20 years as REALTOR and served in various leadership positions locally, state president and national committees. I don’t want to go back to the good old days. We are better to have cleaned up our act for the sake of the consumer. Could there be some adjustments to the law. Yes, because no bill is ever perfect. However, let’s remember where we were in 2008 and we do not want to return there with deregulation.

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