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The CFPB put the screws to a company that really had it coming this time.  But there has to be a solution to the lending services that they were providing.  Tune in and let us know your thoughts below.



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"CFPB Crushes the Bad Guys This Time"

  1. Dan Neumann says:

    I’d suggest paying your derogatory items on your credit report with your loan. In 2 -3 months see a huge improvement to your credit score and can pay off your pay-day loan and never have to use them again…for most people.

  2. Turnip says:

    All lending today is predatory, and mortgages most egregiously so, but no one seems to care – that the banks own the underlying paper on everything, yet produce less than nothing (only debt). Oh, double glazing = new windows.

  3. REORealtor1 says:

    I’d rather have high taxes and know my countrymen aren’t starving or freezing to death, thank you. Double glazing is for making windows insulated. There are two panes instead of one with an air space in between. The whole is sealed so the air doesn’t exchange. So, their government has a system to keep their citizens clear of predatory lending and its denigrated? The turn about and positive impact to a community as a whole is far greater than the individual. There are usury laws for mortgage lending. How is it there is nothing for pay day lenders?

  4. Dave says:

    Hey Guys. Double glazing is simply two panes of glass which we refer to as thermopane windows.

  5. Uncle Sam drain my wallet says:

    Making loans to sub-prime borrowers and making taxpayers pay for the losses. Didn’t we try that experiment here in the US, resulting in the near collapse of world economy?

  6. Mary Klope says:

    Double glazing is simply the number of layers of glass in a window. Double glazing = double pane (vacuum or gas in middle) to help insulate a house more effectively.

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