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A new bill is making it’s way through the system, and in it is the okay for the CFPB to get about a half a billion dollars for their operating budget.  Really?  A half a billion?



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"CFPB Budget is at a Half a Billion to Operate for a Year?"

  1. Outrageous! How many Americans know anything about this CFPB, and how limitless its power seen to be; it reports to no one!

  2. Mark Treiber says:

    No, Brian. Credit score reform is not necessarily a manipulation with the goal of a greater percentage of home ownership. Credit scoring is generally a joke (based on my 30+ years in the business — remembering when we had to actually analyze a buyer's credit history). Credit scoring has been overdue since the day the scoring models were implemented.

  3. Kenny Bell says:

    You really need to talk with your hands more.

  4. James Hansen says:

    You're missing thye Big Picture… The CFPB is a tool for the Left Wing Socailists to use in order to take over the Banking Industry. The same way they are trying to take over Health Care. They set up the system to fail, then the only solution is for the government to take over. Look Out for Big Brother!

  5. Dear Lord…please make the insanity stop!

  6. Big Brother wants your money and your job to make you think you need them…to take care of you…everytime they come up with regulations they add more confusions by the time you are getting it, it's time to change it. it's job security for them…they think we are all stupid and they have to think for us..just let the locals figure this out..hands off.. they let people spend more than they can afford in credit cards,,sounds like the government with trillon in debt…they want us to be like Big Brother.

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