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CFPB Boss Richard Cordray dismisses criticism at a recent hearing, and Citi’s CEO says “no sane person would think things are ok.”  Tune in to get the details!



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"CFPB Boss Dismisses Criticism"

  1. Greg Thirkhill says:

    There is always another side to the story. I appreciate your digging it up. Some might call it the truth. A rarely used commodity in that world. Reality another rare concept. Dave Liniger (Re Max Founder) went to head of HUD, and most of the major banks. Said guys in reality this problem is manageable just need to use logic, truth and reality. In 2009 or 10, I think! By the time they all started to move in that direction taking his advice, it was over, costing billions more than needed. So here we go again starting to recognize the smell? Is the Auto loan issue the new cliff? Are we going to do a repeat of the same old peak and valley that we’ve done since I bought my first home at 13. Nothing new under the sun just wrap it in some new caga! Somebody always comes out ahead though not the public. By the… For the….?

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