As usual, heading into the Memorial Day weekend, I stop and reflect a fair amount. Not only for all the veterans and those we’ve lost in wars around the world, but this weekend eight years ago changed my perspective of life forever.

Memorial Day 2008 on 26th May, I was in a freak accident where I could very easily not have made it to hospital in time. If it wasn’t for the availability of a life flight helicopter I wouldn’t be here today. And, thanks to all the amazing staff, nurses, and doctors at UC Davis I made it. My hat is off to all members of the medical field, I have no idea how they manage to get home with an ounce of sanity every day!

Then, not forgetting my wonderful husband who did everything once I was home, never made me ask for a thing, and our friends who rallied around, and not only helped me, but looked out for my husband too. All too often, the caregiver is forgotten, but they also need assistance. I’m eternally grateful to everyone that stuck around during that time. It certainly weeds out your true friends and those that really care.

So, I’m thankful today, on my eight year anniversary, that I’m able to live life to the fullest, have an amazing husband who is constantly my support and rock, have a brilliant job that I love with the best coworkers you could ever hope for (yes I said that and mean it!), and family and friends that stuck with it throughout.

And, now, I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves, “what on Earth has this to do with the Mortgage business?” Well, let me tell you!

It was the Memorial Day holiday Monday when all of this transpired, when a bunch of my friends and I had visited a couple of Veterans Hospitals to thank our Vets for their service to our country. The accident happened, I was rushed by helicopter to the nearest Emergency at UC Davis, and by the time they had me situated in ICU it was late evening, and I should have been back at work the next day. I had signings to attend, and other files that required attention.

patientIn ICU, they took my phone away! God forbid I was not able to check email, text and voicemail. I had chest tubes in both sides and was intubated so there was no speaking for me, but someone kindly gave me a large notepad and I was able to write, in no uncertain terms, that I needed my phone back immediately. Initially, the nurse said it wasn’t possible, but once seeing my distress, and blood pressure increasing, they acquiesced and returned it to me so I could alert all my clients of the situation, and promise them I wasn’t deserting them!

Suffice it to say, I can 100% attribute part of my amazing recovery to this darned industry! It gave me something to get up for every morning, the flexibility to continue working with my phone and laptop throughout my stay in ICU, the next couple of weeks in Trauma, and the numerous weeks after that from my armchair at home. It kept me going, period. I had some super co-workers and a couple of friends that would run errands for documents, and ferry me around once I was able to get about again but was unable to drive, and my clients hung in there. I even managed the Top Producer Award the month of the accident as there was really no gap in my work hours!

This was all happening during that wonderful time in 2008 when lenders were closing every five minutes, implode.com was open on everyone’s computer screen in order to monitor which loans might need to be resubmitted to another lender, and underwriting conditions were completely inconsistent, and over board. But, I still soldiered on.

So, among all the terrible news, the compliance nightmares, compensation rules, the TRID rules, the guideline changes, the headlines shouting about fraud, the law suits, and the constant barrage of problems and issues, I can honestly look back over my career with some pride, and know I made it through all of that, and then some. In fact, if I’m quite honest, I’m thankful for this dastardly job, and all we endure is nothing compared to what it was like in 2008 in the midst of the crisis, laid in ICU with tubes everywhere, writing on a notepad to coordinate my loans, with so many broken bones, collapsed lungs, and a cocktail of drugs to keep me going.

I say, “Cheers to life! Cheers to the Mortgage Business for allowing me to thrive and excel! And, Cheers to my colleagues who make it fun to come in to the office everyday with the inherently long hours all to make our clients dreams come true!”  Who could want for more?

Lastly, do remember to set aside a few moments this weekend in honor of all our military personnel that gave their lives so we could live ours. Lest we forget.

Ravin_1675fcropped for internetSuzanna Ravin has been working in the lending industry for the last thirteen years, currently managing a retail branch Peak Mortgage, a division of Finance of America Mortgage, LLC. She maintains her top originator status by remaining very hands-on with her clients’ transactions. Often referred to as the Loan Guru, she loves to be completely informed on lending guidelines, and regulations.

You can reach Suzanna at sravin@peakmtg.com  – 916-462-8811- www.peakmtg.com/suzannaravin or visit her Facebook Business Page