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Can we please just be nice to each other?  You won’t believe what happened to HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s home.



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"Can We Please Just Be Nice to Each Other?"

  1. SarcasmDetector says:

    The liberals are still incensed that Donald Trump is POTUS and deprived Hillary of her ‘rightful’ seat in the Oval Office. It’s going to be a loooooooong 8 years for these cry-babies, and perhaps another 8 beyond that when Ivanka Trump becomes the first female POTUS.

    1. REORealtor1 says:

      There were anti Trump slogans defacing public property and I apologize but forget which State and where. Turns out it was a right wing Trump supporter trying to make the left look bad. There are a lot of nuts out there and usually they make a lot of assumptions. One of the biggest is that those who don’t support Trump supported Clinton. For over 3 million voters she was the lesser of two evils.

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